Volumetric Characteristics module

The second phase of a new born gerotor pump project

Once the pair of gears is selected through the design module, it is the moment for the user to move on to the second phase of the methodology: volumetric characteristics module. The geometrical parameters achieved from the previous phase are the inputs of this module, in addition to a new geometrical parameter: cutting radius. This module calculates and plots the internal and external gear profile in addition to the line of contact. As a result, volumetric characteristics for the specific pair of gears are automatically evaluated and plotted: chamber volume, volume variation, instantaneous flow with reference to an infinitesimal angle rotation, volumetric capacity value, and irregularity flow index.

At the end of the second phase, this module will have guided the designer to the better pair of gears based on the volumetric characteristics performance indexes. However, the selected gear pair has to be analyzed for improving the other main performance index: contact stress

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